One Relationship: Someone Has to Say It

Allowing people to truly be themselves at work will fuel productivity and collaboration unparalleled to what we have experienced in business to date. It is key to not lose that in some way your business exists to move the human race forward. Let people be people at work. We do not want Work-Eric and Home-Eric, we want Eric and we want him working for us. The elephant in the room is that there shouldn’t be elements of life that are not taboo outside of work, but are not welcomed inside of work. Life is fast-moving, creative, and provocative while businesses today are sterile environments, leading them every day to monotony and irrelevance – this doesn’t make sense for this day in age.

Our philosophy at ELO is truly simple: we hire people for their talents. We foster individuality and take the people that we selected to be employees for their strengths, weaknesses, perspective, and experience. Our people can be themselves without worry of societal views that are within the workplace. It is exactly what you hear requested everyday – “let’s breakdown barriers when it comes to diversity and embrace each other’s differences.” Life is life. It exists outside of the four walls of your business and it should exist within.

We call this our One RelationshipTM philosophy, which is an approach that embraces individualism while being empathetic within your environment. Employees should be encouraged to be themselves.

The One Relationship model is a key philosophy at ELO. It is a foundational idea that disrupts the current paradigm in business. It extends to every way in which ELO consults and conducts our own business. We believe it is what will drive business in the modern workplace.

The following posts you see will continue to extrapolate how elements of our One Relationship approach – robotics, globalization, employee wellbeing – complement each other to inspire a community of people around your business endeavors.



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